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Making renovating your hotel equipment easy

Safes and Minibars for Sale

Our products are available for sale and in various rental modes. Depending on the situation of the hotel, each form has its benefits. We make personalized offers, taking into account the needs of the hotel.

Discover the benefits of renting safes and minibars

Our company makes renewal of hotel equipment very easy, through various forms of agreements that do not require any investment by the hotel. Primarily we offer a split revenue sharing contract, a fixed fee contract and also a monthly payment fee that varies according to the occupancy of the hotel.

Safe Rentals: Split Revenue Sharing

In hotels where there is a service charge for the safe, we offer the possibility to sign a split revenue sharing agreement. In these cases, the hotel generates income from day one, without having had any costs whatsoever. We have more than 30 years experience with this type of contracts, with over 300 hotels in Spain and Portugal. Here, Cofrhotel makes the investment of the safes, and depending on the type of contract, we include various additional services, such as transportation, distribution, installation, programming and set up of all the safes, and the use of our exclusive online rental management software, and last but not least, the always important 24h/365d technical support.

Safes and Minibars: Fixed Fee Agreements

In many hotels where the service is not charged to the guest, we have the possibility to make a fixed fee contract, where the hotel pays a low monthly fee. This allows the hotel to benefit from the latest generation of electronic safes and minibars, without the need to make the investment and also, have complete coverage with our additional services. These services may vary according to the agreement, but can include all of the services mentioned above. This type of contract is very popular for our minibars. These agreements provide piece of mind for the hotel, as the hotel will know exactly the monthly costs they will face, without any hassle.

Thanks to these different types of contracts, the hotel will not reduce its available cash, and will have a monthly deductible cost. Taking into account the 24h/365d technical support, and, depending on the hotel, the indispensable online rental management tool, these various agreements are very attractive to our clients.

Maintenance Contracts

A very interesting option for hotels owning their safes, is to sign a maintenance contract. We are able to offer technical assistance that is second to none in our market. We have specialized technical personnel 24 hours a day, 365 days per year. In these contracts we can include on-site service, spare parts and other services according to the needs of the hotel.