Caja fuerte en habitacion de Hotel


Cofrhotel is a leading company in hotel safes and minibars, having supplied over 100,000 units to various types of clients.

We have a long history in the hotel security business, with more than 30 years experience, during which we have gained the confidence of over 500 professional clients of hotels, resorts, touristic apartments etc, in Portugal alone.

We should also add, due to its importance, the real estate market as well as hospitals where we have directed a lot of our latest efforts.

We appreciate the importance of the quality of our products, and also, the great value of after sales technical service. We strive to establish strong partnership with our clients, as well as our suppliers, national and international, that enable us to renew our portofolio, to introduce to the market the latest equipment, that adapts to the needs of our clients.


Madalena Gouveia Martins
Executive Director

Anibal Vicente
Comercial Director

António Saraiva
Technical Services